Dress up for Halloween?

So this girl I know wants to dress me up as a girl for Halloween and I’m not sure how I feel about it. It could be funny or odd. What do you girls think about this, guys to?

I can't really think of anything else to be. If you have a good idea please let me know. Some I have herd are…………

Shooting Star Fashion a large star out of cardboard and wear it over your body. Carry fake gun(s) or water pistol(s) and shoot at people.

Death by Chocolate

Make a Grim Reaper robe out of dark brown cloth. Add a Hershey's logo to the back of the robe. Paint your face white or wear a reaper mask. Carry a scythe (and plenty of chocolate candy to hand out!).

Match Wear all white from neck to toe, with a red hat on your head. Then go around blowing smoke and see if anyone can guess what you are.

thanks for helping : P


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  • Do it! The guy who is confident enough to dress up like a girl is usually the funniest. back in high school during our spirit weeks we had a "gender bender" day where the guys dressed up as girls and girls as guys. it was hilarious! The guys looked hidious and they tried to be all flirty. it was really funny. so I would dress up like a girl but completely over do it. horrible make up, a bad wig, tacky clothing and fake boobs. totally!

    • Haha ya I think I'm going to do it. I have really long hair already. I don't know what to wear tho because I'm six foot four : P

    • Awesome! Go to a thrift store and get the flashiest dress you can find, who care if its too short, and if you're daring find some fishnets or something... pasty hairy thighs only add to the costume :) just look around, ideas will come to you for sure

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  • I have tons of straight guy friends who have dressed as women for Halloween. It's usually a great costume and keeps people laughing all night.


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  • If you're comfortable with being dressed up as a girl, and you're also good friends with this girl who wants to do it, I'd say go ahead. You'll probably get a lot of "Whoaaaaaa." and "eww" and whatnot, but also I think many people will be amazed. I'd have a blast doing it watching people's expressions, so, it's up to you.