Why does he tell me I'm high maintenance?

So basically I have blond highlights because I get my hair done every three months, I wear makeup, sometimes I wear heels when we go out, (He yelled at me once for wearing them when we went mini golfing which, they weren't even that high I was just trying to look good for him) etc.

And He thinks because I check myself out in the mirror to make sure I look okay, and the fact I sometimes re-apply makeup on when we're together makes me high maintenance when really, I just want to look my best when I'm around him which hey really is there a problem with that? I just don' t get why he feels that's high maintenance...
ps: the reason I do it is because he's not the kind of guy who compliments very well, so I feel like I have to try harder because he compliments me once in a while but I need a lot more love...and I'm not getting it


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  • Because you don't need to do that sh*t.

    He's with you, not because you were trying to impress him, but because he thinks you're pretty and sexy without having to try. So when you do, and neglect the fun of things and take time away from being with him to check yourself out, or apply make up it pisses him off because you don't need to do that sh*t. Just throw on something in the morning brush your hair, throw on makeup and head out. You don't need to reapply, you don't need to wear f***ing heels to mini golf, that's just stupid, I'm sorry but that's a fun outing- wear some flats and a cute skirt and he'll be happy. You're trying to impress him and trying to look good and he just wants you. He doesn't want the perfect outfit, in fact, I bet he couldn't care less what your hair looks like, or what shoes you wear, or what you makeup looks like. You're just acting like a prissy princess when you do stuff like that.

    He. Wants. You. Not an ass and legs and t*ts. He doesn't want the girl that walks around in heels because he doesn't care. It also might send the wrong message to him. He knows he doesn't care what you wear, or the makeup you have, but because you care so much he might think you're trying to impress other guys.

    Talk to him. Get off the computer and talk to him about it. The only person that can actually answer this question is him, so why are you here? All we can do is offer guesses. If you're really that curious and worried he can give you all the answers. Just, when you talk, don't yell at him or get angry or upset, don't accuse him or anything like that. Just try and understand, talk about it until you both understand each other and.. Well... That should fix things. Us strangers here who can't read his mind can't fix anything. We can just offer educated guesses.

    • Once agin, TALK TO HIM. Seriously, so many questions on here have a one word answer- COMMUNICATION. If he's not complimenting you enough then f***ing tell him so and talk to him about it. IF you don't he won't change, because he doesn't know. But once you tell him, he'll know that you need compliments to know that he really appreciates you and the way you look. And, guess what, he'll compliment you.

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    • thank you though I appreciate you responding to my question, I have talked to him many times he just isn't good at compliments but hey I mean that's alright it's my fault for dealing with it when I don't like it

    • oh and he definitely improved it just still isn't enough..oh well!

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