Girls, How would you judge my reaction? I seen you talking with anther guy so I gave a glaring look.

I never have expressed any aggression once. First time ever. We used to have a crush on each other. But she had a man. Then one day I caught lusting in this guys eyes. I felt a little jealous. So I gave the look. Ops... Just a little caught off guard. I mean isn't normal. Why does she act all stuck up now? I told her it was OK to like anther man at one point. "But the overreaction on her part I don't understand." I said all I want to do is have that peace we had back. But my question really is what would you think if a guy did this. Before I left I said bye because I felt bad. She said bye but wouldn't look at me...


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  • I don't know for sure but if I were just talking to another guy and my boyfriend glared at me. I would be a bit pissed. For me, just because I have a boyfriend does not mean I can't talk to another male because that would mean I would have to limit my conversations to half my friends. Also, I don't believe that it should prohibit me from being "friendly" to a male. I put the word "friendly" in brackets because oftentimes, "friendly" is easily confused with "flirty".

    If this is the case, let her know that you didn't mean to glare. You were just caught off guard and that you just love her so much you don't want anyone else to have her (but in a cute, cheesy, way)

    If she is level-headed, she should respond nicely and tell you "it's okay". She might even apologize for shunning you. However, if she's not, wait 'til a better day.

    • But if you were lusting on anther guy is it ok? I'm mean showing yourself as available to him. Would you understand he might get a little upset? And if it was only that one time couldn't you see him as normal. Would you be upset just once if your man was lusting in a girls eyes and ready for sex?

    • First of all, I wouldn't lust over another guy but I definitely think that it would be horribly wrong. However, in your case, you need to think about this in a level-headed way. Perhaps she was just being friendly talking to another guy, maybe she wasn't even trying to do anything on purpose. Ask her and try to get her side of the story.

      If you want to continue a good relationship, you have to have that mindset.

  • it was sort of a possessive act on your part to do that so now maybe she kinda sees you differently?

    • Could you tell me what's possessive? and how do I change it?

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