The equivalence of looking?

Most girls do not like a guy looking at their chest. A guy's instinct is to do it without thought.

A girl looks at a guys crouch, the big package, sort of something "popping out and round" of a mans body as something "popping out and round" of a girls body.

I am very sure that the girl would understand the equivalence if she is sitting down and a man approaches her. Her eyes will be gazing at the package instead of his face.

Same for a guy, the girls package is right below, not far at all, from the face.

So, tell me girls, how hard would it be not to look at that guys package? Be honest now.


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  • Hahahhaha, nice question :P

    I have to say, that's not where my eyes 'instinctively' go, although if I do happen to notice it is a conscious occurence and I'm subtle about it.

    In saying that, I understand what you mean. Girls whinge and complain about guys staring at their chests all the time, and you don't get as many complaints from guys about your proposed equivalent.

    I think most girls are (sometimes not so) secretly flattered by it, although problems do tend to arise when a guy might spend more time talking to a girl's chest in conversation, rather than her face.

    However there have been various studies about this sort of behaviour, and they say that it occurs because women have better peripheral vision, ergo possessing the gift of subtlety. Men archetypically have 'tunnel vision', and can't help but be incredibly obvious in situations such as what you have described here.

    So really, girls could be spending more time looking guys' packages than you think -- the difference is, you don't see them do it. :)

    • That is very well. I notice this a lot when I walk past women. I keep my eyes straight forward and to the point of them lining side by side with me when I pass, their eyes just twitch. It is annoying when girls do this because guys seek attention too and we do not see it much.

      When I work out, I catch some girls staring at men's packages.

    • Yep, but they never want you to see!

      Hahahahah, so shall I do all those in Manland a favour and make it really obvious next time I feel like checking out a guy's package? :P

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  • I have never denied that I check out a man's package lol I don't stare blatantly unless, well unless it's intriguingly generous but I definitely look so I don't fault any guy for checking me out, I find it flattering. Since I am not just interested in an exclusively sexual relationship though I will look for other signs of interest and if those are absent or if he's being disrespectful in the way he speaks to me or if he handles me without consent I'm not going to be interested in him even if he does have a fine package lol I see it is a human nature to look and have sexual desires though.


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