Why do you girls want us to have lots of hair on our heads? what's your point?

You'd been given lots of hair on your heads cause you're "females", we were supposed to get bald cause we're "males" aka "men". But still, you go crazy for men who have lots of hair on their heads or even worse guys who style their hair like yours! what's the deal here? is it like the more "feminine" features a guy has, the better his chances with you are going to be?

Please do explain to me. Post your age and background if you were to answer anony, thanks!
  • I am a teen and I only go for guys with big styled hair
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  • I am a girl/woman (21+) and only go for guys with big styled hair
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  • I am a teen and I think bald is manly
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  • I am a girl/woman (21+) and I think bald is manly
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  • I just don't like the balding look, shaved is attractive to me as much as big styled hair is
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by big styled hair I mean this: link and this: link and this: link but not the massive thing that you may imagine.


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  • i'm not sure if this helps but I'm 16 and before the guy I like got a hair cut I wanted to run my hands through it but after I didn't want to anymore. girls just find nice hair attractive. but that doesn't mean everyone finds feminine guys attractive.


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What Girls Said 10

  • You're attempting to get the answers and sympathy you want by degrading preferences and making them out to be bad, which is a fail.

    It has nothing to do with being feminine, don't blame your balding on everyone else

    • the options are equally just, it's your eyes and mentality which needs fixing... go suck on a barbie, idiot.

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    • ooooh,e-hate, how awsuhm

    • yeah congrats you walked yourself through without a block lol

  • Actually the norm is

    long = female but common to be short & uncommon to be bald

    short = male but common to be bald &uncommon to be long

    No bald/shaved/balding/shaved short guys for me

    • yea and shaved guys don't like you either. Wait who mentioned "short" guys? :\

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    • "it's proven"...? who "proved" that? and even if it ever was dealt with as a fact, now when women gained more power and money, they're ought to be as shallow or much more than men are, now they can choose more than ever and think of men as mobile meat loafs.

    • Uh no I'd prefer it if both genders saw the opposite gender as people not objects

  • Actually you're not supposed to get bald.and having lots of hair is a sign of good health and genes-not femininity

    • so only guys with thick hair are healthy?

    • well you can't know for sure if someone's healthy,but just like pink cheeks are a sign of health through evolution,good hair is too

    • oh so tanned people -with no pink cheeks- aren't as healthy as white people are? and how did cheeks "evolve"?

  • Sexy hair, sexy man: link

    • ...is that Brendon Urie?:3

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    • This is my bottom line: I don't like Twilight. I don't like bald men. I don't like you. I love Panic! at the Disco and Brendon Urie. Nothing you say will make me change my mind. You can try to continue arguing with me, but I won't respond.

    • I'm actually not arguing at all, nor trying to change anybody's mind :) I'm rather having fun observing the likes of different people and their reasons for it. I find it quit interesting to hear from a 21 years old patd fan in 2011, and especially the "inspiration in my life" part lol it's all a matter of tastes in the end, you got none, idiot :)

  • Um it's about preference, and sorry, I don't like bald because I don't.It doesn't make you more of a man, as you say, and neither does having huge muscles or hair on your chest,back,butt and wherever else you can picture it.

    Also, as xzinax2 said, healthy hair is a sign of good genes.Not to mention it looks hot.

    • So bald guys are not healthy?

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    • Most men have a 20% incidence of male pattern baldness in their 20's.To some guys it's less, to others it's more.What I was saying was that I don't find premature balding attractive.And healthy genes are considered to be ones that make us not only healthy but beautiful too, according to whoever's standards.Some girls find baldness hot, and thinks that guy would make good offspring, while I don't. That's about it.

    • That's what I've been trying to tell you, all that you just wrote. Let me ask you, what is "premature balding" to you? this could be the point we're arguing about.

  • we like hair on your heads because it looks weird dating someone that is bald.we like hair that look cute or sexy.

  • i like to run my hands through his hair and you need hair for me to do that

  • I just want ma child in da future have hair! Www

  • not into the bald look it makes them look too old

    btw get off angelinas d*** lol

    • her d*ck's so stuck :O she's scary...

  • bald just looks old... (21 years old)

    • do you mean the shaved head look makes us look older? and what is your favourite? is it the thick styled hair look?

    • not the shaved look...it's more of the balding look...u know somewhere in between losing hair and desperately wanting to keep the remaining hair lol...might as well shave it all off

What Guys Said 3

  • There's a lot of sh*t to be covered up.

    Many girls believe in "we are females we do X. you are males you do Y." so it's only fitting we differentiate ourselves from females. (gender roles)

    Others see the differences: long hair is definitely more "feminine" because it's associated with sensitivity, empathy and such while short hair is "manly" with traits such as aggressivity and care-free attitude.

    Girls also really hate when a guy spends more time on himself than she does on herself (like styling his hair). This is a problem of the first type, with gender roles, although this is present everywhere (like how tall is a man: preferred would be at least her height for example)

    A little of science bullsh*t: women unconsciously dig aggressive men when they ovulate and "nice guys" when they're not (aggressive men usually cannot provide for a woman, both financially or emotionally).

    If you don't have long hair and think girls like it more, dude honestly: stop giving a sh*t. Seriously.

    • How can I stop giving a sh*te since all girls go after one bloody certain thing: cute feminine thick-long haired guys! it's scary, I don't want to go through all that hair transplants crap, but girls of this era give us no choice but to worry and get frustrated... look at their answers, it's a sample.

  • We're not "supposed" to go bald, you know. It's entirely social norms that females have long hair and guys have short hair. A social norm which has died in the western world. Don't see the big deal. They probably love running their hands through soft silky hair as much as we guys do running ours through theirs. Well, some of us. Not all.

  • Balding is caused by an excess of male hormone...so I suggest you stop swallowing ;)

    • stop swallowing your mum's juices? sorry can't help you there, she's NOM ;)

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