Have you ever wanted to just say "get over it" to others?

I'm asking people who have been teased or criticized for their looks or personality. Have you ever wanted to tell them to get over it, because you are you?

This is my "get over it" list:

--I speak my mind and am not afraid to tell the truth.

--I have a lip piercing.

--I have a big nose and small boobs.

--I wear ripped jeans and red lipstick and will not pretend to be the bubbly girl in pink and Abercrombie.

--I find skinny guys with piercings, tattoos, and guyliner attractive. I'm never going to like the buff "manly men".

--I don't do drugs.

--I don't sleep around. I'm a one man kind of girl.

--I find reading books and surveying art more interesting than frat parties and action movies.

People have criticized me for all these things, and I used to get upset and try to change myself and be what they wanted me to be. Now I'm ready to say get over it to all of them.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Besides the lip piercing [which I did want to get at some point] you're exactly like me.I usually sit there and listen to everything they have to say about whatever is bothering them regarding my appearance, then smile and tell them to get over themselves, because no one was born to visually please them and their preferences are in no way 'better'.At that point the conversation stops most of the time.

    I think everyone gets criticised for stuff like that at some point, simply because we're different, and we have different likes.Most people even try to argument their own preference with stuff like 'men have to be strong, why would you date a skinny guy?' as if that's going to change anybody's mind.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Umm...ask that they look on the inside?

  • Smile, you are beautiful.


What Girls Said 3

  • Good for you! People do need to get over what others think, do, feel, act etc. As long as you are proud of who you are then screw anyone who thinks otherwise right?! There are always gonna be people who have nothing better to do than judge others. I am proud of who I am and I can tell that you are too which is great!

  • Best attitude to have about it. People will always use the masses to tell you who and how to be. Doing whatever the hell you want IS telling them to "get over it". Your actions are enough no need for words. kudos. I do whatever the hell I want also.

  • No. Because that's a horrible and disrespectful thing to do.


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