OK ladies, what the deal with Polo?

Why do so many girls find polos and the polo brand so attractive? What is it about those clothes that make high school and college girls eye f*** you? lol


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  • As a female, who is rather involved in fashion, I do not find polos good-looking on men. To me, it makes them look prissy & too feminine. I like my men masculine, not feminine. I don't really care about the price of clothes men wear, as long as they look presentable & good & clean. I kind of like the "punk" look on men.

    I think this really depends on the type of girls you are dealing with.

    • I agree, it is prissy. But a lot of jocks and pretty much ALL frat guys wear polo. I walked into a frat house and they were all clones lol. Same clothes, same "look" same hair cut, and even the same personality. No wonder sorority girls go through so many guys they're all the same lol

    • I'm not yet in college, but I have traveled to some. Typically, a kind of women do fall for the "jock" type men because of how they are looked at & what their status quo is. Some women like men that are different, such as I. But like I said, it honestly depends on the woman. I'm a woman & I can tell you that a tee-shirt & jeans type of guy would be my type.

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  • I wasn't aware of this phenomenon, personally... If you mean Ralph Lauren Polo, girls might find it attractive because it's a fairly high end brand that looks nice... otherwise, it probably just depends on the individual girl's taste.

    • Oh I've actually scene sorority girls or high school girls deny guys because they don't wear polo, not all are like that but I seened it! lol

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    • lol "seened it" is quoting pineapple express where th black guys says " I've seen you rip someones jaw bone off! I seened it!"

  • Polos equal gay to me. or stuck up rich guys - who are also gay. Haha

    I think the main part of your sentence is ''high-school girls''.

  • It looks casual classy. I've always loved that "I have class but I'm also comfortable" look.

    • See I don't like that mentality of I dress this way so I'm this and that. I'll quote a family episode where two characters go buy like rapper clothes. And the girls say you like rappers but you're not black so that's the perfect amount of danger lol I just don't understand it I'm not saying its wrong or stupid I just don't get the appeal of a plain t shirt with a little polo emblem is considered sexy or classy. Or just a regular collared shirt that everyone else wheres is considered sexy.

    • I dress how I want and for myself. It says a lot about my personality. I wear dresses often, so I like to feel cute and pretty. If you dress nice, chances are you're classy (or maybe your own Great Gatsby-fied version of classy).

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  • Some bitches (the ones that dig Polo) are materialistic like that. My advice is try to get "eyef***ed" wearing simply jeans and a T-shirt.

    • Thats what I do bro I don't conform to that sh*t. I'm just pointing out an observation. When a girl tells me I should wear polo I tell her I will wipe my ass with a polo before I wear one.

    • EXACTLY! When you're wearing jeans & a tee-shirt, it's easy to tell which women are ready to committ & look beyond money.

    • Good for you my man. Good for you! There are still some real men left in this world.

  • They cost $$$$. I don't know $$$ kind of turns chicks on you know.


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