What's good in NYC?!

Well, I'll be visiting New York City this May! Exciting as it is, I have yet to really plan where to go, what to do, and most especially, what to bring. I want to see the best things there are to see, do the best things there are to do, while at the same time feeling comfortable, looking great, and being dressed for appropriate weather.

I'll be staying for four nights, five days - with a few other friends, of course.

Has anyone ever been to or lived in NYC? What kinds of things do you recommend I do/bring? What's the best thing about the city and what's the worst?



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  • Well, it depends what you WANT to do. There's plenty of stuff, so it's hard recommending just a few things. I think you should definitely spend some time in Central Park, it's really nice that time of year. Also, if you want to go shopping, SoHo is really great. And I like going to Little Italy to eat. Also check out Brooklyn, especially Williamsburg. It's actually a pretty cool neighborhood with a lot of great things to do. But If you kind of narrow down what you want to do, I could give you some recommendations, haha, or you can try going on yelp.com (it's what I usually use when I visit somewhere, it's really helpful)

    As for what to wear/bring, the weather can be kind of bipolar here in the spring, so layers are your friend. Be sure to bring stuff for warm weather (it can get pretty hot), but also plenty of stuff for cooler weather, or if it rains.

    And I'd recommend buying a Metrocard, and taking the subway. At least for things that are too far to be walked. Cabs are good sometimes, but imo the subway's better cause it's cheaper, and I hear cabbies try to trick tourists so they spend more, haha. Subway fare's only ~$2.50 a ride.

    • Little Italy and Central Park were definitely on my list to start! And I think I will check out SoHo, I've heard a lot of great things about it already. I live in Canada, so layers shouldn't be a problem - then again, neither should clothing for warm weather. I think buying a Metrocard would be in my best interest, too. I don't want to be tricked out of my money!

      Thanks so much for the advice! :)

    • You're welcome, thanks for best answer. :)

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  • I always enjoy re-enacting the NY Public Library scene at the beginning of Ghostbusters lol


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  • Go to coney island and time square.ground zero,rockefeller center,SOHO has beautiful artistic sitesChina town if you want some good shopping.Grand central park.Have fun I was born in Brooklyn,New York and I can't wait to go back.Florida is sucha bore!

    • Thanks for the recommendations! Times Square, Rockefeller Centre, and Soho sound great, and I'll be sure to check out the other places too :)

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