What is the Definition of Gorgeous for girls and is it important?

how does a guy know if he looks good enough? and if your not Gorgeous but normal? are you at a disadvantage if your also quiet


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  • lol. A few of my girlfriends and I just had this conversation. We think a guy who has amazing hair, beautiful eyes, great smile, wonderful laugh and can keep us laughing is gorgeous. oops I forgot the great pants that make hisbutt amazing.

    but everything I (we) just stated is subjective. So you never know, for me if I see a guy who is brilliant, his hot points go up by five thousand, if he is mushy they fall so far so fast.

    With girls it is not all about the physical. For instance, during this conversation with all my girl friends, we had been talking about dating prospect. I of course had to chime in with a boy in my math class who is "normal" or at the very least no my style but yet, I put him out there as a prospect because, I enjoy his stereo type, like blue eyes, and was completely turned on because he got straight "As" on all his assignments.

    Personality is the best "equipment" a guy can have. So if your shy, make sure you are at least interesting. And you are at a disadvantage, because shy people generally don't ask out very many people. But courage isn't that absence of fear. So prioritize, if you think it will be worse for you not to have a girlfriend, or if it will be worse to get turned down.

    Does that help?

    • Vary much I don't think that I'm that shy but I've never thought of asking a girl out and I'm not sure why

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  • Gorgeous guy.amazing body, eyes, smiles, great conversationalist and full of confidant. That my preference of Gorgeous guy. Each girl have different things to determine the guy's gorgeousness. My advice when a girl fall in love with you.you will always be gorgeous in her eyes, even if other people don't think so. My present crush is not a guy where the girls would flock to him but in my eyes he is so gorgeous and wonderful. Just be yourself and one of girls will find you gorgeous. No being quiet is not disadvantage but when you want something really bad, you have start act bold and you'll get what you want. Many guys told they are shy but when they saw the girls that they like.they change from shy boy to outspoken boy.

  • gorgeous guy: amazing eyes that just light up when he smiles, great smile, athletic (not always), funny, charming, confident

    Girls love this kind of guy but we also really like the cute shy guy that will open up in time. If you are normal looking and not cute, then you should have a lot of personality so that girls will go for you. If you are cute, personality still matters, but you have more of an advantage and can get away with being a little shyer and less outgoing.

  • you can be gorgeous but have a dull personality. Yes looks are importaint.but when it comes down to it.

    I would choose an average, shy guy.that when opened up is amazing and made me smile

    as apose to a supermodel gorgeous guy who had no personality and didn't make me happy.

  • Gorgeous Guy: I see a gorgeous guy as having great eyes, a good sense of humor, nice smile, and a nice bulid, and great hair.

    But, normal can be good too. It usually depends on how you flaunt it. If you have the confidence and the personality to back up your looks it makes you even more gorgeous.


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