What is your view of an Eagle Scout?

I have my Eagle Scout (USA) board of review next Tuesday and I was just wondering what you guys thought of eagle scouts. Do you have more respect for them or do you see them with prestige? Just wondering.


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  • I have the greatest respect for Eagle Scouts. I wanted to be one myself and had aquired all the necessary merit badges, but I ran into a problem. We were having our annual Jamboree, and one of the other scouts slipped a dose of LSD into my canteen. Sometime just before dinner I dislodged our patrol flag from its pole and used it to fashioned myself a diaper, which I then went into my tent and slipped into. After wrapping my underwear around my head, I ran through the camp screaming "I'm poopin' on the flag, I'm poopin' on the flag" until I was subdued by the scoutmaster and his son. I was immediately sent home in disgrace, and dismissed from the Boy Scouts. I've never forgiven myself. But I've still got the flag!


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  • one of my evil ex boyfriends was an eagle scout , I no longer date them

  • uhhh... theyre just like any other people

    just cause they camped at a few places and went hiking, learned some stuff that I can learn on discovery channel, got random badges, etc don't make them any different from everyone else

    anyone can be an eagle scout if they wanted to! I'm just saying :/

    bfs an eagle scout...i don't care. I hurt myself...WHERE WERE YOU?! yea that's right the emt got to me first.


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  • I'm one myself. On a daily basis, I don't think it makes a difference to most people (except employers). However, if you end up in a situation that requires your skills (like first aid, wilderness survival, etc) and respond to it well, I think most people would have a new air of respect for you.

    Also, congratulations to you.

  • LOL...


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