Girls how often do hide or show how attractive you find a stranger?

i was with my sister and my mom at a restaurant and they talked about our waiter. it sounds funny to say but they talked about him in a subtle enough way (just about his clothes and how well groomed he was, not like his physical features) that I didn't even realize they thought he was really attractive (they had to tell me lol..)

also every time he came around to take the order or bring food, they did not treat him in a special way or make it known that they found him attractive.

i think if I were in his situation I would have never known so now I wonder how often it happens. girls, do you do this often? would you say you show it or hide it more?


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  • It really depends on who I'm with and the situation I'm in. If I have an attractive waiter (which happens from time to time) and I'm out with my family, my sister and I might make eye contact to acknowledge it to each other, but we wouldn't say anything or act any different than normal. If I was out with just my sister or a group of girl friends, I might say something about him having nice hair or eyes or whatever, but I would still treat him normally because, having worked customer service, I know how awkward and uncomfortable it can be if a customer starts hitting on you, even if you might be interested. See, if you're not interested, you're still obligated to serve them and be polite so it's hard to deflect their advances and if you are interested you can't do much about it anyway since you're at work and it would be inappropriate.

    If I'm out in a more casual setting- bar, coffee ship, concert etc. where I see a guy I think is goodlooking, I might be more open about it and more obvious about my interest because I wouldn't feel like I'm putting him in an awkward position by showing interest.


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  • i think if I were in his situation I would have never known so now I wonder how often it happens. girls, do you do this often? would you say you show it or hide it more?

    I don't show my attraction unless I'm going to act on it.

    I don't hide it. What do you mean by hide? I don't think you sis/mom hid their attraction they just didn't tell the guy. I don't go around telling people you're attractive.

    Hiding to me would be denying the attraction.

    • well some girls compliment (like one of the girls below mentioned), others smile a lot or give little looks and other stuff. they make it clear in mild flirty ways.

      my sis/mom did nothing, not even a little bit. the waiter could have been anyone else and they would have acted the same. this is what I mean by saying they hid it.

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    • but yes I get it that you're in control of your actions and you're not exactly hiding anything, you're just not doing anything lol.

    • put forth effort to not let it show

      the insecure ones don't let it show

      the ones with insecure boyfriends/girlfriends don't let it show

      the ones whose gfs already claimed him don't let it show

  • I usually hide it I whait till the guy aproaches me, I some times may invite it to events on face book or if we are talking I may touch his clothes or tatoo or jewlery and say where did you get that or ask him if he will help me with something but if I don't know him I will act regular but I will smile at him and make eye contact for about two too five seconds

  • Well...I doubt your mum and sis are going to hit on a waiter when you're having a family dinner lol. But yeah depends on the person...nowadays I would at least show some interest, like glance at the guy I'm interested in or make an effort to make small talk if they seem very shy (though I guess that's more people I know...I wouldn't start chatting up some random guy lol) However while going for a walk with my friend today I did say 'Hiya!" and gave a guy a little wave, was with a friend at the time though lol, easier then.

  • That depends on the guy first ,but I usually hide it. Out of sheer respect. However, you can slightly pay the guy a basic compliment so as to not make it so obvious.

  • i usually just smile at the person and then look away.


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  • Interesting question. I never see what some of the girls here have said they do- wave, smile, etc. lol

    I think I'm doing something wrong and need to work on it.


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