Guy says he likes your shoes?

And he knows the brand and he noticed that a lot of girls wear them.

Is that a compliment?


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  • yeah it's a compliment,and no,it doesn't mean he is or isn't gay just to get the stereotype thing out of the way.guys always compliment my shoes-but that's cause at my age we all wear sneakers so it's kind of an innocent compliment,but older girls like you usually wear heels-which guys find erotic which could mean he's sexually attracted to your shoes lol


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  • Yes a compliment.

    Woman's shoes are today so beautiful, also made to attract attention, if I get this right, he knows the style also.

    Woman's shoes can be very erotic, of all the the things you ware everyday, your shoes are fetish to a lot of us. You are familiar to the "F**k me shoes" expression.

    Was he a bit uncomfortable telling you about lots of girls ware them?


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