How I can wear my hair for prom?

Is there any suggestions on how I can wear my hair for prom?


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  • If your dress has a shows your back, or cuts really low at the back, or has an ornate back - hair up - it'll elongate and slim your back :) and show off the dress

    Otherwise... Down is always good too :)

    GHD curls or GHD waves always look super sexY :)


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  • Depends. It's always fun to have something new.

    If your hair is straight, maybe wear it curly. If it's usually up, wear it down, if it's usually down, wear it in a braided updo. Do something fun and interesting that'll turn heads.

    • well I usualy wear my hair down but I hate how it looks up I don't know I'll see :p

  • it depends on the shape of your face. for my prom I did research on websites for my face type

    • i have a round face :/ what website did you use?

    • I can't post a link because I have to be xper 4 -_-

      but its hairstyler

      and there's nothng wrong with a round face, :)

  • what does your dress look like?

    • if you can go on Google to images and type in 6223 it's the red dress, Thanks :)

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