Too many piercings? Or is it 'sexy'?

OK I really love piercings, and what people think won't really effect what ones I have/will get, I am just curious what people think...

My current ones are:

-Two lobe piercings on each ear (my 'firsts' and 'seconds')

-In my first lobe piercing in my left ear, I have a 2mm silver spiral 'fleshy' (ear stretcher)

-On my right upper ear, I have a cartilage piercing (Helix)

I want:




-MAYBE nipple (ring) when I am older (18-ish)

*Also, I am not one of those 'scene' kids, or gothic ones or anything, if anything, I'm a 'cute' one hehe :3

I am also a 'smart' girl (though most people have no idea) and I am in the most advanced (and internationally known) classes at school.

So what are your opinions of these piercings?

How many is too many?

Which ones do you like/dislike?

What do you think of girls with these piercings?

What do you find particular piercings mean?

(e.g. some people think if a girl has her belly pierced that she is a 'slut' - not true btw)

Thanks! xD


Most Helpful Guy

  • Those piercings are all fine. They're all pretty common, discrete peircings that most guy would probably be OK with (except maybe the nipple ring. I'm OK with that but most other guys might not be).

    One thing though. Fleshy? I have heard some stupid terms for large gauge jewelry (gauges, spacers etc.) but I have never in my life heard anyone call them fleshies. Where the hell does that come from?


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