Important hair question??

kinda not really ha ha but for me yes. every morning my hair is greasy at the back of my head and at the crown. the length of my hair is always normal but its oily at the scalp. is it normal to see a lot of scalp when its oily? it looks so bad I always have to shower


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  • try a dry shampoo and to not wash your hair so often

    the more you wash it the more oily it'll get

    • k thanks but is it normal to see a lot of scalp at the crown when its oily? I'm not loosing any hair so I don't think I have hair loss but it always looks so thin back there when greasy it likes separates and looks gross haha

    • yeah, cause it slicks back

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  • try a special shampoo, one that says it is a "cleansing" shampoo, not just a reagular one. My friend had this problem and she said it helped her a lot.

  • I agree to use a dry shampoo in the morning but switch to an oil controlling shampoo at night like the solid one from lush. It's called jumping juniper. Hope this helps!


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