What should a man look for in a woman?

I know beauty and chemistry will answer most , but what would you girls look for in a woman if you were a man and had to choose? if there were too many good options available how would you be able to pick only one ?


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  • To tell the truth, 90% of what we like about people before we talk to them is whether or not we're physically attracted to this person. If she makes eye contact, shows excess skin, go for it. But don't get offended by all the rejects before you find someone who is also attracted to you. No offense meant. =] Just bein' honest.


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  • Authentic personality! Get to know her well enough before committing to make sure she's a down-to-earth, trustworthy person with a positive, GENUINE way of being!

    Happy hunting!

    • While we're at it we'll crack the davinci code :P

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    • Well, from what I know about relationships, most people hang out with people they're interested in- whether they like spending time together as friends or as more than friends. Bottom line is, people hang out with people they like. If you find that you're interested in someone in a more than friend way, you probably want to get to know them better before you become exclusive, meaning that you don't date other people, by hanging out together. But before you become an "item," most people...

    • are open to the idea of getting to know more than one person in a more than platonic way. I don't know if this is making sense, but dating is a complicated thing! Basically, there's a certain point in getting to know someone where you decide that you connect with them enough to want to be with them and only them (for however long it lasts) and that is when you "commit" and are "exclusive." Up until that point, be open minded and get to know different people until you find someone great!

  • Intelligence and quirkyness.

    Physical beauty should come pretty low on the list.


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