How do I talk to a cute Asian guy?

I was in the hair store today and there was this super cute Asian guy working there! Me and my mom noticed him staring at me. We left the store only so I could go back by myself and he helps me pick pick out a hair spray, but we don't talk much. I have absolutely no idea what to do or say on top of that I'm really really shy, even more so around guys that I think are cute. So what should I say or do because I'd really like to talk to him!


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  • The same way you talk to any other cute guy... But seriously, just say "hey, what's up." Mention something you might have in common or something that's on your mind. Ask him about a product and turn it into a conversation. Just talk to him! It's not that difficult. You're most likely going to be uncomfortable at first, but there's no way around that. Just do it!


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