Which Chanel No. scent is best?

I'm thinking of getting some Chanel perfume and I was going to go with my instinct and get No. 5. But then, my friend told me No. 22 is better in her opinion.

So, question is, 5, 22 or a completely different one?


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  • None because they are all unhealthy chemical based perfumes. Check out lavanila, they have better smelling perfumes that are all natural and actually good for you with antioxidants. In particular, Chanel no5 has coumarin in it, a known carcinogen derived from rat poison that is also present in cigarettes and other tobacco products. Yuck. Go with lavanila perfumes or the ones from LUSH. Hope this helps!


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  • chanel no. 22 is my absolute FAVORITE one. I sprayed it all over myself, even my jacket, and the scent lasted for 3-4 days. it smells really sweet but mature! kinda like sugar

    chanel no. 19 comes second

  • get mademoiselle, it smells the best to me

    No. 5 is way too old for you


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