Why do girls like to wear flip flops so much?

It's unclassy and sometimes they just look so sweaty, stinky, and nasty. Why would you wear something like that? Sweaty, stinky, and yuck? Bleh.

And I find it funny how girls spend so much money making their sweaty feet look "pretty" but it still doesn't take away from the fact that they're takign their feet out and whiping their sweat all over the floor GROSS.
Girls are supposed to be class, not look like white trash!
Those who don't believe me, 7 out of 10 girls walk around with flip flops like these... link
Fine you can say your opinion I won't interrupt.
Girls deny that they get sweaty feet... You don't believe me, then seriously smell your frickin flops that you wear all day! Then tell us!


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  • I'll agree that flip flops don't look classy at all, and they make a horrible sound when you walk with them. But your feet are actually way less likely to smell with flip flops than if they've been trapped inside your socks and shoes on a hot summer day. They're nice to wear when it's really hot out and you want your feet to breath. And when I wear them I usually get the kind with the dark bottoms so they don't look all dirty and gross. Like these: link

    • They don't stink? Obviously not as badly as shoes but come on they look like they would...

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    • The sole.

    • Haha yeah all girls who don't think my phobia is rational...wear you flip flops all day tomorrow and smell them and get back to us. LOL

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  • Yey, a guy that's being honest about what girls shouldn't wear. I love it! I agree those things should only be worn when your going to the beach. Not to work , going to the mall or everyday wear. It doesn't matter how hot it is, or how many colors you have them in. I especially hate it when girls/women wear them to work. Shit, why not just wear your DAMN slippers, ugh.

    • Finally a girl that agrees with me! Girls deny that they get all nasty and sweaty looking like the ones above, but I've seen so many girls walk around with nasty flip flops like that (see above picture).

    • Oh nice, since we have a girl here actually listening to what guys think about what girls wear, here's a big one: Baggy, gangster-looking clothes. What makes a woman a woman is her curves (at least to us men), even the thick ladies have curves but I see so many women wearing all this nasty baggy clothing, they look like dudes! Granted, I'm loving the skinny jeans fad, that is spot on! I remember a girl I liked who was beautiful... she came to class with a backwards cap and sweats... bleh

  • Ok, so you don't like flip flops, and you seem to be disgusted by feet in general. No big deal. Most women do wear flip flops and some can be very stylish, some are beach flip flops nothing more.

    So, here is my solution. The next girl you date, make sure she doesn't have any feet. That will solve all your problems! NO FEET, NO FLIP FLOPS! No sweaty, stinky bleh! No problems!


  • I feel that my flip flops are often far cleaner than my shoes. Sure, there might be a little dirt in there, but since when did a little dirt on one's feet kill someone?

    In contrast, feet trapped in shoes smell more than flip flop ones. This is because all the sweat/dirt/etc gets trapped and builds up in there. They smell. They take more work to keep from smelling badly. Flip flips may get dirt prints, but they don't smell like shoes, there's probably dirt prints in many shoes out there too, you just don't see them. Most flip flops only last a season, so they don't get the years of build up.

    All I need to do to clean my flip flops off is walk through a mostly water puddle. Or a hose. Or a lake or river. Or rains.

    BAM! clean feet and flip flops. Do any of this in shoes and your feet are worse of than before.

    Also, flip flops will never wear the skin off of the backs of my heals or toes.

    There are less socks to put through the laundry at the end of the day.

    Any fancy polish work to my toes gets to be shown off.

    They're easy to throw on and off, into a bag, carry around etc.

    They're cheap, and easy to match to anything casual.

    In short: they're versitle, comfy, affordable, and probs cleaner than shoes.

    Despite what you seem to think.

    Whatever, haters gonna hate.

    Or you've got a fear of feet.

    Or maybe you should look up from the ground once in a while.

    Or if you really just don't want to see feet, I'd really like to see some people walk around with bags over their heads 'cause I don't wanna see that either. But you ain't gonna see me complaining about it.

  • who has feet like that? I take care of mine when I do wear flipflops. Don't be all like people that wear flipflops are white trash that pisses me off when people say that. Living in florida its sometimes too godly hot to wear shoes

    • then don't look at feet gosh that settles your problem

    • It's hard not to when girls are always sliding their sweaty feet in and out. Quit wearing the stupid things.

    • who takes them off in public that is gross. I hate feet to the most extreme but seriously don't look at them.

  • Why would flip-flops be any sweatier than normal shoes? Wouldn't they be LESS sweatier, if anything, considering they're completely exposed to air surrounding them? O:

    But yeah, in my experience, I see more men wearing flip-flops than girls, so it's not just us who are guilty!

    • I never see guys wearing flip flops. It's mostly a girl thing...

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    • In Vegas, guys and girls wear flip flops about equally.

    • @jellyfishy

      "Why would flip-flops be any sweatier than normal shoes? Wouldn't they be LESS sweatier, if anything, considering they're completely exposed to air surrounding them? O:"

      See, thing is, Q A is apposed to logic. He refuses to confront this simple, but very relevant point,

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  • Wow, people get really defensive about flip flops. That is a sad day. It's just flip flops people, love em or hate them, they're here to stay (at least for now). The OP has his own opinion and that's cool. Not sure why people are getting so inflamed and calling him a troll, but to each their own.

    • Thanks for defending me man.

  • Personally, for me, pretty, clean & manicured feet in flip-flops coupled with thin anklets are the sexiest sight on earth. Besides, feet in flip-flops are far less stinkier than those in full or partially closed shoes.

    • Thank you all. I am flattered to see 9 "likes" and I am excited that people who think like me exist. :)

  • Cause guys are sweaty, stinky, and nasty. And the girls don't want to make us feel bad by looking SO much better than us..

  • Flip flops are extremely comfortable and there's nothing less classy about them than sneakers. Sure feet sweat, but they do it a lot less in sandals than in shoes. Just because you have some phobia of feet doesn't mean other people shouldn't dress how they like.

  • Alot of what your saying here can be summed up with when you said: "But feet are nasty and they are sweaty and unclassy!"

    To me, it seems like you have a problem with feet in general first off...the opposite of a foot fetish. I guess a foot hatred, idk. Here in hot south Georgia everybody wears flip flops year round, guys and gals. And I actually like feet so I think they are sexy and cute. I like rubbing my girls feet when she gets off work and I happen to be at her house. And I have done that when they are sweaty/dirty etc. I just wash my hands when I'm done, no big deal. If I'm attracted to a girl and think she is beautiful, that means every part of her is beautiful to me. There is no such thing as an unsightly part of my girls body. Its all beautiful. And I will suck, lick, kiss, touch, any part of her from her head right down to her toes.

    Sorry if that's like nails on a chalkboard for you. Ha Ha.

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