Boys > What do you think of spandex pants(lululemon brand etc.) on women?

I love wearing spandex pants because they are so comfy. I always see guys starring at my bum, but I don't know if its because they look bad or good. what do you think about spannies?

I do get a lot of compliments on my legs and bum because I'm a runner and my legs are tight and toned. But I don't you think spandex looks good or bad on girls?

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  • -The Good, Bad, Ugly-

    Good: Makes my ass look good juicy, moist and meaty (finger licking good)

    Bad: Like casting a wide net get a lot of old farts and perverts starring at me, some of whom are foaming at the mouth acting like dogs in heat ready for action on all fours. This is why I have learned to take it off before I leave the gym so they leave me alone.

    Bad: Have guys pat me on the bum, at worst pinch really hard (had happen at least 30 times in last 15 years) and this has occurred even though I have never worn spandex without underwear, or if they are really sick and disturbed they will follow me around up to and including me up to my car or while I am at the office (surprise, surprise I don't wear it at the office anymore).

    Conclusion: Not sure really worth it unless working out from home without possibility of dealing with sickos.

    --Useful Quotes--

    ""Look at my cars rear end not hers"- Lindsey Lohan

    "Spandex is a pain in the ass"-Jennifer Lopez

    "Unless your a physician stop starring at my booty"-Kim Kardashian


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  • Definately PLEASE KEEP WEARING THEM. Love them on the ladies.

  • I would say most likely the guys looking at your bum in spandex like what they see. Personally, I love the way spandex look on a girl, both her legs and bum. I definitely say keep wearing them and I am sure you do look so stunning in them. By the way, are they black spandex pants? Those look the absolute best!

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  • Athletic figures are attractive to begin with, spandex helps to accent well sculpted female body tones.


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