Guys in or what?

people, what id hotter in your opinion, guys in casual, or guys in suits?
sorry guys, I was thinking of James Franco at the red carpet when I asked this.. isn't he fu*kin sexy!
u know what? add your answer of this question that I'm gonna ask in the one that is the title. isn't james franco sexy in a suit?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I tend to prefer casual but a suit looks sexy on a guy whose lean and athletic with broad shoulders =) I think I like them best in boxers though haha

    • I'm a semi-casual/formal guy myself. Where does that rank?

    • i think ill have to agree on that!LOL

    • If its your style I am sure its quite flattering and ranks high =) I like people who are true to their own sense of fashion and how they look reflects them, which may or may not conform to a trend (not all trends are good the 80s came back and I can't even imagine why lol).

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What Guys Said 1

  • i have an all black suit with a blood-red tie.

    would you count that as being sexy?

    • ooooooooh, hell yeah!

What Girls Said 2

  • I like both, but I do love a guy in a suit - it's very hot! :)

  • I get attracted to a guy that's in a suit, and well-dressed .

    a guy with a good sense of taste when wearing casual is good too

    but most importantly is his personality and how he treats a girl :)


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