Do you agree she’s stupid?

I don’t wanna say her name but she’s one of the most popular Youtubers in Singapore. She’s also a blogger and an influencer, now she’s a millionaire staying in a big house, own the most expensive car, luxury bags and watches. What made me shocked is that she uploaded a picture of herself with long written words. She said this “I heard very scary news of women having saggy breasts as they grow much older. I was afraid that my breasts don’t look as good or nice. If there’s a way to reverse it by surgery why not? I personally think plastic surgery doesn’t mean she’s insecure... she can be confident and happy with her body and still do plastic surgeries. It’s just that she want to “fix“ something. If I ever get plastic surgery you followers will be the first to know. There’s nothing bad about plastic surgery if it makes yourself look better why not do it? I mean it’s not wrong...”

LOL how can getting plastic surgery means you’re confident and happy with your body like wth? People who get plastic surgery only to look good are too obsessed with how they look. And you said “There’s nothing bad about plastic surgery if it makes yourself look better why not do it? I mean it’s not wrong...” girl you’re 24 years old how could you not understand that plastic surgeries have side effects? You’re putting yourselves in danger why don’t you watch YouTube videos on plastic surgeries gone wrong that will change your mind. Don’t you know how to do research about it? There’s people who died from plastic surgeries and others who were suffering from making bad decisions. You know I used to respect you but now you had changed like really. I expect you to be smart about your choices but now look at you... You’re reckless and naive, I preferred the old you when you’re not obsessed with getting plastic surgeries and worrying about your looks. The old you is much better than the present you. To be honest being famous makes people do those things and they don’t wanna be forgotten.
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Working out to look good is ok. But doing things to your own body by getting plastic surgeries will make it worse. That’s why I’m against plastic surgery
Do you agree she’s stupid?
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