Should I go to the salon?

I've been dying permanent black for 5 months now and I've decided since I want really long hair to have it natural, and add some highlights on the top layers. I know color stripping can be hard on your hair and hard to do, at home, so I was thinking id save up the money and get it done at a salon. I no since I wanna grow it out it would be better to let it grow but the color has become very patchy, brassy and my roots are starting to show. Should I continue to grow out the color or should I get it stripped at the salon?
what is the healthiest option is my concern

I just got around 130 dollars I m sure that's not enough to go to a salon at this point...i m wondering if I should wait and stick it out...only there's a concert I m going to see in July I should have money before then I m applying places, but I m mostly concerned about how my hair will take to it.
I m wondering if I should let it grow out...but I really want it to look nice for the it will be my two year anniversary soon...
I am still currently growing my hair out and I haven't wanted to dye my hair back to black. I did however get my roots done dark brown to blend in my hair( which worked great). But now the colour is gone and my hair is starting to get stripey looking. I m wondering If I should go to a salon and get a few highlights underneith or just get my whole head colour fixed at the salon...its really hard on your hair tho...?
It's almost time for my second year of college to start and I would like my hair to look hot! I was just wondering if anyone has any tips or any information regarding the whole hair removal progress I have major roots and faded black hair ( that's dark brown) How much will it cost? And will this affect me trying to grow my hair long?


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  • Doing it at home is no worse on your hair than it is at the salon. I dyed my hair black once, and it's definitely hard to get the color out, but I stripped it at home and re-dyed it all for like $20. So either strip it at home, or go to the salon.. either way.. it'd look better to get it stripped out and dye it a color close to your natural and then let it grow out.

    • Ya, I m just not sure because I ve never had good luck with bleaching my hair hair is odd it goes orange on me...I m just wondering about OVERALL what is a better option...if I want really nice hair

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    • salon, and be prepared to spend a lot of time and a few hundred $$

    • I m really nervous about trying it at home, I want to save money but I m wondering if I should go see my bf's brothers girlfriend and talk to her about it

  • go to the salon. it's worth the money


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