Anyone really familiar with hollister and american eagle clothes sizes?

I wear a small in Hollister tank tops and long sleeves but I wear a medium in their shirts. the shirts aren't skin tight when I wear them but they have a nice fit that isn't too baggy or too tight.

I've never bought jeans from Hollister because I don't really like the fit. I wear a 0 in American Eagle.. sometimes they're a little baggy with the style but I need a 0 so the jeans can button. I have a smaller waist with bigger thighs.. I'm not overweight or anything. In American Eagle PJ pants I wear an XS and they fit perfect.

Does anyone know what sizes would be my best bet in Hollister bikini top and bottom sizes? Also a mini skirt, not a jean kind.. I think it's a little stretchy. I also wear a 34aa bra size. I'm 5'3" and weigh 113 lbs.

I know this would be a hard question to ask but I'm kind of looking for someone's best guess if it's possible.


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  • I used to work at American eagle lol. Honestly for you it sounds like you would need a small in the bikini for both top and bottom. I'n the mini probably like a 0 or 00 because you don't want a skirt to be baggy and if its stretchy then it might stretch out when you wear it.

    I also would recommend you look into getting jeggings at American Eagle; they would be less baggy and look nice and form fitting :) but they would stretch for your thighs.

    I have a similar body type to you so I have a decent idea what you might wear


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  • Oh you came to the right place both are my favorite stores. ( I work at holister ) You might wanna connsider a 00 but check the 0 just to check the comfiness

  • i haven't worn american eagle in a couple years so it might have changed, but I remember them being pretty true to size. Sorry, I cannot give you exact size advice though, but start out by trying the size you usually wear in other brands. That might work for you.

    As for hollister I have never worn that brand but I've heard that they run small


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