Do average looking guys even stand a chance?

Lets face it, the top 20% of guys date 80% of women out there. I don't know how many good-looking guys I've seen at my school hanging out with a group of girls one day, then another group of girls the next day. They all want them, and us average looking guys don't even get a look in our direction.


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  • Huh? How can 20% of guys date 80% of women? How many women do you think are okay with dating a guy who is dating many other women?

    You are your own self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think you are unable to attract women, you won't be able to attract them. When you are ready to see another reality look around. Plenty of average people and probably people you would classify as unattractive, are in relationships and dating.

    • Girls don't know sh*t. So how can they know?

    • Okay, so this is not a question. You are just grinding an ax here. Sorry, but you will have to stand in line with all the other people out there who have had their ego's bruised and heart's broken.

    • I don't even know what I was saying in that comment. I was hella drunk...

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  • confidence my friend! I personally would rather date an average looking guy rather then a really good looking guy cause I would feel like the good looking guy would possibly stray. Maybe the guys you're referring too are just cocky and go up to girls and act like jerks or whatever. maybe you should try talking to girls you seem interested in I doubt they'd turn you down unless they're just a bunch of stuck up bitches.

  • Yes, you just have to work harder. Average people can't rely on their looks/status like a good looking person can, they have to use their personality and be more social. Unless you stand out in some way you won't have a lot of girls noticing you unless you get to know them

    • How am I supposed to know which girls would give me a chance if they never check me out or look at me? That sh*t only happens to hot guys.

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    • dont even play the shallow card. boys can be the same way. girl have to work to get guys to notice them too. so don't get all mad if you don't wanna work at it a lil

    • NO guys think even average looking girls are cute. With girls a guy is ugly if he is average looking and girls won't even look twice at him. Girls are FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR more shallow...

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  • You don't need a bunch who find you attractive, just one.

    • Well there isn't even one around here where I am.

    • I feel you. Yeah the vast majority of the women are skanks who are being used by a small number of players. All you can really do is have nothing to do with those skanks once the players all had a turn with them.

      As far as there not being ONE decent available girl around, I find that hard to believe, where are you looking?

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