What style do guys like a girl to have?

I hope I don't get too carried away here. To start, I will admit I am a bit chubby. It's not that bad ! I am a natural blond, but I recently died my hair brown. I'm a bit short, um... I usually wear like, skinny jeans and a shirt, but most of them are quite childish like, the graphic ones from urban planet. I am trying to stop wearing those :P I am also tanned. But What I am getting at here, is, what would you like to see a girl like me wearing? Acting? Some sort of makeup? Color of hair ? I wouldn't say I'm ugly, but only one boy has ever called me pretty and all my friends do. But I can't tell maybe they are trying to make me feel better about myself? Well, just please say what you think. Cause, I'm desperate here. Honestly, put down every last detail ! I promise, I won't like, judge you or anything. I will take everything I can get .
oops, I forgot, do you mind lots of colour in the hair ? I like to put blue and green and pink and so on... and what kind of haircut ? and what in the personality ? outgoing or shy, down to earth, girly, etc.


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  • i know this might not be what you want to hear, but every guy is different, therefore its hard to make generalisations about what style guys like a girl to have. When you're shopping for clothes, don't think about whether a guy would think of you in the clothes, think about how they might make YOU feel. If you feel comfortable and confident in what you're wearing and if you think you look good then it'll show I promise :)

    You said that you usually wear things like skinny jeans and graphic shirts and that's absolutely fine if that's what you like! but ocassionally mixing things up with what you wear, and wearing something a little different from your usual style can feel great! experiment with different styles and you might find a new one that you love! maybe start small by wearing a bit of a girlier shirt, or get a plain fitted one and use some feminine accessories.

    Moving onto makeup, I know for a fact that makeup makes me feel much more confident, even when its just a little bit. Maybe wear a pink lip gloss and balm if you don't to add a little healthy looking colour to your lips. and one product that I rarely go without is mascara, it literally takes me 10 seconds in the morning and it does wonders to just brighten your eyes and frame those pretty peepers :)

    I know this sounds so corny but I am positive that you are beautiful!

    hehe sorry about the essay but I went through a similar thing and its just a part of growing up!

    comment if you have any questions :)


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  • yur nt ugly first if yu want to look betterr start by working on yourself work out and yu WILL look better. as for style look at sum magazines

  • You don't sound like my type anyways, but as a rule I prefer girls in general to wear things that are comfortable first, stylish second.


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