Any ideas for a ceramics t-shirt design?

I want to submit a t-shirt design for my ceramics class, but I need some ideas.

I thought about drawing this picture link or something with two hands on the pottery wheel...but I can't even think of some creative/fun saying to go along with it.

Any ideas ? Also, it's gonna be in black and white.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Um, are you saying a ceramic t-shirt?

    • Your question is confusing me...I'm looking for ideas for my ceramic class' next t-shirt design.

    • A t-shirt made out of ceramics? Surely you jest.

    • No...a design to go ON the t-shirt lol

What Girls Said 1

  • why don't you do like an m.c escher type of thing? Like this link except the hands would be coming out of the pot and shaping the pot.. if that makes sense (lol idk, it looks cool in my head)


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