Any idea why no girl wants me?

im nice,im a hardworker,i work out,im not a bad guy I just don't get it?



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  • Are You Shy Or Something ? Cause Your Cute But Maybee Girls Are Just Stuck Ups

    • im a little shy but,i doubt its that cuss ill still start a conversation and hold it.

      btw nice to meet you,im jesus.

      and thank youu,your very beautiful[:

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    • Ohh You Did ? Yeaah iAm But Only Like That At First !

      I Live In LA <3 '

    • really you live in la?by where ahaha I'm in pasadena(:

      but yeah that's exactly how I am,

      it's nothing bad[;

      i love a shy girl

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  • i thinkk its because you say no girl wants you.

    pretend like all the girls are chasing you and they soon will be!

    i like a guy with confidence (:

    but remember there's a line between confidence and cockyness.

  • Yeaah , I Live In LA, South Central !

    Yeaah I Seen It In Your Profile .

    Why Is That ?

    • not that far from me(:

      idk I like when a girl kinda challenges me into making her feel more comfortable.

      like starting and keeping the conversation goin.

    • Yeaaah , IKnow (:

      Ohh Okaaay iSee .

  • I don't see why oyu wouldn't be liked, you're goodlooking ;p.

  • Put a pic up?

    • idk how too?i have one on my profile but don't know how to put it as my default.

    • You're cute. It must be because you are nice. Are you shy? Do you approach girls?

    • thank you,i wish I could see who you are.

      but yes I do approach girls,im a little shy but not to the point where I don't talk or make at least a conversation.

What Guys Said 4

  • its all about confidence... girls love it ! if you don't have any then you need to do things that make you feel good about your self and that girls will like ! like exercising and just keeping positive . everyday I see beautiful women in the world and when you look at them with a smile and say hi a lot of times they will smile / wave / talk back to you . sometimes they don't but whatever they are probably just shy and dream all day about this guy who waved at them...

  • 'Cos you treat it like getting employed. Do you hand her your CV, too?

    • nahh I don't its just the way I asked it made it seem like it.

    • But the way you ask reflects the way you think. Your line of thought appears to be that you are bemused as to why females don't want you, as you have many residing qualities you find to be considered desirable. I feel the same way about employers.

  • Your not Mike Sorentino lose the hat and chain guido style

  • Its because you're nice and not a jerk.

    • unfortunately,i have heard that before

    • If you want to try and get a date with a girl I suggest you watch the episode called "The one with the yeti" on the show Friends. You will see a guy named Danny cleverly getting Rachel to go on a date with him.

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