What is your opinion on beauty obsessed women?

I am one of those girls who can't leave the house without makeup. hair extensions and fake tan

I often complain about how I look

I adore botox and liposuction and have a boob job

My ex-boyfriends have told me I'm high maintenance

I love attention


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  • some don't mind, others do. my bfs don't mind that about me (though I'm not for cosmetic surgery and I don't need it) but I did date a guy who liked me but ended up breaking up with me for that reason.

    im not changing myself for anyone, and its not the end of the world. some guys will accept you for who you are, others are only interested in a perfect image they have set for themselves and follow that in choosing a girl. we all do that sometimes I think.


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  • Lets just say you wouldn't be my type of woman...Haha

  • i want nothing to do with them.


What Girls Said 2

  • if you live in the UK you should watch Snog, Marry or avoid... its a show where they give girls like you a make over and show you what you look like looking more natural... before they do this they do a survey with the genernal public and always around 90% of guys would avoid girls like you... but after the change with the appearance the vote always changes to the other two options... I'm not trying to be mean... but its true less in more... what ever you look like, I bet you look better natural... you can still wear some make up, but just not as much... also life isn't just about your appearance..yeah look good...but there is more important things in life...

    • I live in the UK and I have never heard of that show, is it on itv?

    • yeah but it often comes on really late...google it... its actually really entertaining aswell... I think it comes on BBC 3... you should check it out, it might also make you see that you can look beautiful looking more natural :) and will most likely attract decent guys rather than ones who just want to get laid... x

  • girls who portray they really really care about their looks normally attract men who only care about what a woman looks like, which is normally cause he wants to get laid or use the girl. If you're not comfortable in your own skin without doing everything possible to alter anything natural, do you expect others to be comfortable with you? If people don't like you for you without out all these additions you do to yourself, they aren't really people who care for you as a person; they just like what you look like. my opinion is they are VERY self conscious deep down.


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