Why is my hair dry?

my hair is very dry...is there anything I can do or eat that will make my hair better?


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  • Do you use both shampoo AND conditioner? If not then start there. Guys can condition their hair too, it doesn't just benefit females. Also make sure you choose moisture types of each. Adding a couple of drops of olive oil and massaging it throughout your hair before you go to bed would help too. Its best to wrap your head with something so it doesn't get messy then just wash it out when you wake up.

    • can you give me a couple of suggestions on which brands I use?

    • Aussie has a really good and cheap moisturize line. If I'm going the cheap route then I live by anything Pantene though. Both work amazingly, but Pantene makes my hair softer. If you want to spend a little extra money then any type of shampoo that Philosophy makes will help because they make their shampoo with medicine in it. Its $30 bucks and only comes in shampoo so you might be better off with something cheap.

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  • try olive and wheat oil,also try herbal essences ''hello hydration'' shampoo and conditioner

  • the right shampoo, ask those hair people! ;]

  • try a deep conditioner once a week


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