What should a unattractive guy do?

Today was a crappy day, and has summed up my whole life, when I overhead a co-worker today say, "No way, he's too ugly" (referring to me). Now see here, I've always known I wasn't good looking, but never thought I reached the point of ugliness. Which kind of sucks, because never in my life have I thought any girl was ugly. If you were to ask me, name one girl from any point in your life that you thought were ugly, I simply wouldn't be able to. I guess I'm the type of guy who tries to look at the good in people, rather their flaws, was hoping other would do the same.

It makes sense to me now why I have never had a girlfriend even though I'm 21, nor has a girl ever complimented me, or given me any attention. Its been like this in elementary school, highschool, etc where girls have never even noticed I exist. I'm skinny, 6' feet tall (150 pounds), big nose (especially from the side) to point where my 91 year old grandma told me to get a nose job, and most of my family members (mom included). I've been called ugly by many people. Maybe someone could give me tips looks wise?

I've never been on a date, dances, never went to prom, (was pretty close) some girl asked me to go with her, but ended up being a joke she was playing with her friends. I don't have many friends ever since I moved to another state, I actually haven't had a best friend since high school. I've tried asking few girls at college out (with great confidence) for some coffee, but they look at me like I killed their dog, and then change the subject, or simply ignore me. I've tried advices on this site, nothing has worked, I tried new fashion styles, approaching with confidence, I've tried parties, with no luck, bars, bookstores, coffee shops, my college campus,etc. I'm always simply just the nice guy, as people always ask me to do things for them, and help them, whether its fixing their computer, car, or helping with their school work. Not sure what to do?

I guess the question I'm asking what do I do? Is there a way where I can simply drastically change my life around? Should I just accept myself, and let it be? What should an unattractive person do to find a girl?


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  • dude, I'm sure I'm uglier than you. I found a girlfriend. I don't remember a woman looking twice at me in my whole entire life and I've been called ugly by both girls and guys. I know I'm ugly. I always was and I always will be. I knew I would end up with an unattractive girl. Sure, my girlfriend is not pretty, and she's a bit fat, but she accepted to be my girl and I love her for that and I know I want to marry her and I want her to be my company.

    So what I'm trying to say is: get out there and talk to girls. Get in a class. Cooking, english, latin, it doesn't matter. Volunteer. If you join a group, it'll be easier to meet girls. Don't talk with the attractive ones exclusively. Talk with everyone, even guys! If you're shy and you do nothing to overcome that, you'll have a very hard time, my friend. And remember, you can be ugly and have only a few coins in your pocket and you still can get a girl. If I can, you can, believe me.

    Good luck. Think positive and be pro active! That's key!


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  • who gives a rats ass!, god made you this way, he make everything beautiful don't let some people feel bad about your self! ;], and women love respect if you got that, that's all you need! =]

  • First of all stop thinking negative about yourself immediately. Everyone has positive qualities. Think about yours. Appearances are not everything in life. Looks like you have a beautiful heart. May be today people don't notice it, but some day some girl will notice. Don't let other people affect you. Stay as you are.


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