If I never had a girlfriend does that mean I am too ugly? even I i am not shy?

i am nice, I flirt, I joke, I go out... I don't know why I don't get a girlfriend, is it because I am ugly? I dress well and play sports too by the way.


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  • How is your self-esteem? Do you ever ask girls on dates? I know you flirt but do you take initiative or do you just sort of wait for them to push it the next level? It sounds like you take care of yourself, presenting yourself in the best possible light which shows that you care and are willing to make the effort. I don't know what you like but the truth is personality and attitude are more important and even if you weren't blessed in the looks department there are girls who don't care about that sort of thing and girls who will find you genuinely attractive. The easiest way to meet girls is to talk to them, since your outgoing already increase your odds by chatting to a lot of girls in a friendly manner and seeing which girls you click with and which girls respond the most positively toward you. Continue to have a life of your own because waiting around for a girl to fulfill you, will only back you desperate. Likely when your not even looking a girl will appear just make sure to notice! I never noticed guys checking me out, people have to literally point it out so if your dense you might need a friend's more objective eye. Also look into the girls you are attracted too, if they are shallow or unattainable that could be a problem.


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  • Those are all great qualities and important. But..Do you approach girls? Ask for their numbers? Ask them on dates? Girlfriends don't magically appear. The process has to get started. And unfortunately for guys in this scenario, if you're not willing to do those 3 things, there are millions of other guys who are. That's why it seems like girls are always taken.

  • the go to answer is that you haven't met the right girl yet. and that's true, when you meet the right girl nothing else will matter. just give it time


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