What are your views on tattoos?

OK, I have a small tattoo on my inner right wrist of the clef symbols forming a heart along with a tattoo of a film strip on the backside of my left hand that spirals up my forearm and stops an inch and a half above my inner elbow which is a representation of a fond childhood memory. As you can tell I'm fine with tattoos since I have a few myself but want to hear others opinions of them. If you have tattoos if you could list what they are and what they represent to you.


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  • I like me some tattoos. Except, I refuse to get more because every tattoo artist I've met is a total douche and treat me like s***, even if I tip them really well.

    Anyways. I have an infinity symbol on the right side of my upper back.

    Doesn't really have a specific meaning to me, but the closest is probably that the world is always going to keep going, no matter how bad sh*t gets, or if you die. We're insignificant.

    I have a large lower back tattoo-- It's not really a tramp stamp because it's really tall, but it's just a symmetrical design.

    I have a star on each of my hips.

    Anndd, six bats flying on my left collar bone area.

    • I want to get a tattoo on my hip but some of my friends said it would hurt because it would be on the bone :s did yours hurt?

    • Not really, but my hip tattoos are rather small; I guess it depends on what you get.

    • i have my left shoulder done and part of it hurt when going over the rotater cuff (on the bone) then again it took 1 hour 20 mins. only pain I really had was the color being filled in after the skin was raw

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  • I don't see myself ever getting a tattoo, but they don't bother me. They even look nice on some people. As long as the tattoo doesn't look stupid, I won't mind.

  • A lot look really cool. As long as they don't get something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wH1tTlq5-Qk, I won't have to kill them.


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  • I like tattoos that are small or moderately sized, meaningful, and well done. I think all tattoos are better when they have meaning, otherwise they're just silly pictures. I also hate when people get tattoos of genitals...I don't see the point. I'm not a fan of huge tattoos, and poorly drawn ones will just always look bad.

    I think a well executed, well placed tattoo can make any guy or girl hotter than they already are.


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