Would guys rather have a girl with lots of pimples, or have her use foundation?

guys always say "i like natural...i hate makeup". well to be honest many of us girls when we have our monthly visitor we tend to break out, I'm one of them (I used have horrible cystic acne when I was younger but over time it cleared up thank goodness). guys constantly cut down makeup and the girls who wear it. but honestly, guys also say how ugly acne and pimples are. well, it's like a lose lose situation for us girls. guys, if a girl had a horrible breakout would you rather her wear some foundation to cover her blemishes? or would you rather see all her pimples? you may say that makeup will make it worse and that is true if you use cheap foundation. there are primers out there that have salicylic acid in it to help with breakouts and they have nice foundations that are oil free and also include salicylic acid which does not cause breakouts also...it can help them at times.

so yeah, which would you prefer? I honestly just use my foundation...i always use my foundation since it matches my skin 100% and doesn't look cakey and looks very natural. so yes! what do you all think? =)


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What Guys Said 1

  • I really don't like foundation. It's fine until I notice it, then I get totally turned off by it. When I have pimples, I don't put foundation on it, never really saw the need for girls to either. Everyone has pimples, it's not anything surprising.

    • Foundation isn't always noticeable if the girl carefully selects the shade and puts it on correctly. A lot of people complement me on my "perfect, flawless skin", but they're really surprised when I show them I actually have a lot of acne scars.

    • Wouldn't know. That sort of thing is beyond me, I only know what looks good and what doesn't.

What Girls Said 1

  • Foundation does cover 60-80% of the acne, when you're wearing it but it will have bumps or you could still tell there are acneS, just not as disgusting, depending on what type of pimples you have. I say take care of the skin, get rid of all the acne, that way when you don't have any make up on you still look okay, tinted sunscreen and maybe some salicylic concealer and you're good too go. If yur skin can tolerate make up and all, and you have the time for it, then do it. But usually make up makes pimples worse. With a clear face, you get more confidence. Look pretty with a nude face, and look gorgeous with make-up on. Just wear it occasionally to remind others of how pretty you really are. I used to break out a lot, and left me many acne scars. Although it's what teens have to go through (young adults too) but I got rid of them by taking care of my face, I put out at least 30mins total per day to take care of my face. Trust me you can make it better or even get rid of it, depends on how hard you try, do more research, find products that work for you. Bcuz most people have it, it would make you stand out with a flawless face. Or at least acne-less. It's the worst thing, it leave scars and many permanent imperfections.


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