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I am very insecure about my weight. I weigh 137lbs and I am 5'7". I am a hardcore volleyball player and have a lot of muscle but I'm not totally skinny. Thing is, I don't know if I'm fat or not. I wear a bikini but I feel extremely insecure. I wear pant size 5 or 7. I'm blond and kinda clumsy but I can't help that. How can I feel more confident?


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  • At 5'7", your ideal weight range is 127-159 pounds so you're fine. Especially, if you're an athlete as you will probably have very toned legs. Remember that personality matters more than weight so have an awesome one!



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  • Doesn't really sound bad, but I couldn't really say for sure. I, like most guys, don't really understand how girls sizes work, but 5 doesn't seem very big. And if you're muscular, being bigger wouldn't really matter. Fat is a turnoff, most guys are fine with muscle. As long as you look good, I wouldn't worry overmuch.


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  • Repeat after me: "I am super sexy and deserve all the good things that I have in my life." And keep saying until you believe its true.

    • Okay I will. Thank you :)

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