Girls!! I need help! What would be the best outfit to go out on a date with your "guy-friend"?

I'm taking all options. I don't want anything to conservative but I don't want anything to slutty!




everything and hair please! :)
just now that he booked me for the whole day and to find something nice to wear! I thouhgt it was going to be lunch... but now its all day


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  • Well, it definitely depends on where you're going, but there are certain date outfits that work in any scenario. Here are some go-to options!

    1. Little Black Dress

    Yes, I know it's a little cliche, but the lbd never fails! You can keep it simple and classic with a pair of black pumps and an up-do (very Breakfast At Tiffany's) or you can spice it up with a pair of sexy red pumps! The choice is yours, my friend ;)

    2. Simple V-Neck Dress in White

    Well, a v-neck is sexy for obvious reasons, but white is a color that many people tend to shy away from without due cause! White is super flattering if you're tan, and it's a sexy departure from the lbd. You can also do red pumps with this dress, or black ones with a matching black clutch. Also, a nice pashmina wrap would look great draped over your shoulders-- very sexy!

    3. Dark-wash Jeans, Fitted Tee, and a Leather Jacket

    This outfit is an absolute 360 from your other options, but it's still super chic. With an option like this, you're going to want to work your highest heels; it will soften the look to make it more feminine.

    4. Fitted Sheath Dress in a Bright Color

    Anything fitted is sexy, but when it's in a bright color, it oozes confidence. I recommend red, because a study showed that men are naturally drawn to the color, and therefore are usually drawn to women wearing it. Do this with a pair of pumps, or even ballet flats to make it look more sweet and girly. Also, bright colors are super trendy right now!

    Okay, those are your basic first-date outfits. Now for accessories, hair, and makeup. As I mentioned before, the lbd looks great with an up-do, but if you're trying to think outside the box, do a straight and sleek look; this works with any of the aforementioned looks. Or, for options 2 and 4, you could do tight curls. For option 3, it's all about looking effortlessly chic, so I'd lightly tousle the tresses, making them full of volume and with a light curl, more of a wave if anything. For makeup, you can do a smokey eye for options 1, 3, and 4, but you want to do something more subtle and natural for 2. Think "luminescent" and try some bronzer and highlighting powder on your cheek-bones. Also, pale pink or light-reflecting eye shadow would be extremely attractive. For option 3, you can always do a "barely there" look with as little makeup as possible so as to allow your natural beauty to shine. Try a nice lip stain in a pale pink, a little bronzer, and some mascara (always a must) and it should look amazing! For accessories, options 1, 2, and 4 call for a cute little clutch; try something simple and black, or something metallic and sparkly! Look 3 calls for an oversized bag, or a regular satchel in a rich leather. Keep the jewelry simple, maybe some pearl or faux-diamond studs, and a bangle or two. Look 2 would really pop with yellow gold, while look 3 would look great with white gold. With looks 1 and 4, it could go either way.




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  • I suggest you show up dressed simply in a red hat, and maybe a little eye shadow. Anything more would be too "busy". I can guarantee he'll ask you out again

  • i wonder what my unofficial "surprise date" will wear tomorrow. she's kinda shown interest and we're going to a concert with her friend and myself. I think itll be outside and warm. ha!


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  • I would say fitted jeans, a nice blouse (red if you have it), and a kitten heel (or any heel not super high).

    • thank you but what the hell is a kitten heel

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    • yea it is.. you guys got it REALLY lucky...!

    • maybe now ill respect womens fashion statements a little more now. ill still have my preferences but ill def. respect them more

  • depends on the weather :P

    I went out with my guy friend a few days ago: I wore high-waisted shorts with a pretty shirt (light pink with lace capped sleeves) and black ballet flats. I kept my hair out with soft waves - I think it got a bit out of control towards the end of the day haha. He sent me a text after our meet-up saying that he thought I was really pretty.. awww. Must have done something right hehe.

    But nothing beats a pretty dress :)

    • aww that's cute! and he probably thinks youra cute... but umm... yeah thanks doll! :D

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