Why is it that some girls get all the guys?

Some girls will have 4 guys who want her attention at any given time while other very attractive and kind girls go unnoticed by the male public? Is it competition? Or is there one specific trait the popular girl has that the other doesn't? (assuming they're both flirtatious)


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  • Usually one girl puts out more or has a more attractive personality. I seem to be drawn by the pretty girl who goes unnoticed. It just shows a kind of reserved image. I don't know what it is, but it's attractive in my opinion.


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  • I think it has everything to do with attitude. Girls that attract men in a positive way (I'm not talking about "trashy" girls) are confident or at least ACT confident. Make eye contact, smile, feel good about yourself and don't be afraid. I used to be very shy - but one day decided that I just didn't care what people thought about me anymore and dressed that way I wanted to, acted the way I wanted to and pretty much was true to myself. Let me tell you the difference in the attention I got was amazing.

    Here's what you can do - go buy yourself a new outfit (or borrow one if you can't afford it, though I personally love thrift stores.), do your hair in a different way - cut it, dye it, or just style it differently. Paint on some funky cool polish and feel like a new woman. Sometimes putting on a new "costume" will help boost your self esteem. Have a couple of girlfriends join you, go out and have fun. Keep your chin up, make a lot of eye contact, smile and have fun.