Ladies, what's the appeal of tights? And guys, like em? Yes or no?

Okay, so my girlfriend and I have observed this phenomenon for the past while here in Toronto and it's getting kind of ridiculous. We were at the mall, and I was being a douche checking out these girls who were all wearing tights, and midriff showing tops, and we decided to see how many girls that day were wearing tights. As nerdy as this is, we concluded that about 8/10 girls typically 14ish to 25ish (ages based just on looks, we rounded down since so many girls look much older than they are nowadays, younger girls at least) wear tights.

Ladies, what's the appeal? I mean, as a guy I loooooovve it. Is it because they are easy to put on? relatively cheap? A way of showing your figures without having to do much maintenance? A way for shier girls to reveal their figure without actually wearing less clothing?

I'm not being offensive I hope, I'm just curious as to why they're so popular. Though the combination with those hideous Ugg boots is just...ugh.


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  • In the fall I will sometimes wear tights underneath skirts and dresses because I hate wearing jeans every single day, but I still want to be warm. Also, they're a good way to not show a lot of skin if your hemline is too short.

    • also, if I may add, I think many girls like to wear them when they want to look fashionable but know they haven't shaved or have the best legs. its a way of looking cute but still being courteous I suppose, right?

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    • Whoa whoa, so that like microthin layer of cloth actually offers warmth? That's some hightech astronaut sh*t haha. That's actually something I forgot to ask: in the depths of winter, like -25-30, I've seen tights out. They can't possible offer feasible protection then, can they?

    • In negative degree temperatures, no way. However, when it's around 40 degrees out they actually keep you sufficiently warm. At least mine do.

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  • I really like the way tights look in general and they're great for wearing dresses/skirts when its cold outside. Also, in case you haven't noticed (which I think you have) they are majorly in fashion right now and a lot of girls follow fashion trends just because they are fashion trends.

  • they're cute with a tunic


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