Ballet Flats Issues?

Heyy, just wanted to ask some other girls that wear ballet flats if they have any tips. I LOVE wearing them but they usually look stupid with tights and its kinda embarrassing, but the insides get stained really bad from my feet. They also make make my feet smelly lol. Does this happen to other girls, and do you just wear tights to avoid it or do something else? Thx!


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  • they have a lot of new socks now a days...that are designed to wear with flats I saw them in walgreens and other drugstores

    u can also get those dr scholls jelly cushion things

    and gold bond powder for scent


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  • Hope you dont mind responding? I might be a guy but I wear ballet flats all the time, personally I think women in tights and flats looks awesome, anyhow, yes socks or thights help i personally like wearing leather flats they dont stink up as much, but as for stains that can't be help even with socks since flats are pretty open shoes dirt and debri will always find there way in. My solution is cleaning them after every wear and leaving them out over night so they get vented out, also try rotating flats dont wear the same ones all the time that way you give each pair enough time to freshen up again and they will last longer. Well thats my tips hope they help =:D


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  • At 5'7", I looovve flats.

    There are demi-socks that you can get at payless made for flats. I recommend the lace kind because even if the sock shows it looks intentional. They help with smell and staining.

    • personally. I prefer 5'7" girls because I'm 5'8" and I actually prefer that she's taller than me, when wearing heels. its OK to wear flats but its just something I find extremely turn onable. why that is, I dk, its just how I am

  • I usually wear pantyhose or if I'm wearing jeans/long tights just the flesh coloured knee/ankle high stocking things :) They make them more comfortable too


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