So I'm getting a spray tan, tips?

And its my 1st one. So I was wondering if anyones had a awful experience with one of them or any tips to make sure you don't ruin it or help it last longer?

Im scared I'm gonna look like a carrot :| lol, but I know many people that go to where I am going and they look great, but still don't wanna be all orange at prom haha


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  • Just get a light color. I've seen people who get the light color and they look good. it's the darker colors that look orange. Exfoliate a lot like the day before you go with a loofah or something in the shower. And then after you get it, don't shower for a day or put on lotion or anything and let it soak in. They should give you good instructions when you go there.

  • Here are the basics:

    -Shave/wax and shower at LEAST 8 hours prior to getting a spray tan.

    -Do not put any moisturizer on as the spray will not exfoliate/blend into your skin as well.

    -Wear loose dark clothing to your spray tan appointment.

    -Take all of your jewelry off.

    -Make sure once your tan is complete you let yourself dry for about 5 minutes and that you are even all over your body.

    -When you get home from tanning, do not shower for 8 hours after.

    -When you finally do take a shower, do NOT exfoliate; DO NOT use a loofa, and do NOT use HOT water.

    If you shower in hot water, your spray tan will come off A LOT faster. You will actually be able to see a lot of the spray come off your body while you shower the first time regardless but using hot water will dull/shorten the life of your spray tan. Your first shower should actually be a “rinse” and you should not even be using soap.


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