How do I get my nail tech to do my nails again?

There’s this nail tech I found on Instagram & I loved her work so I made an appointment. She finished my nails on the day, I paid her & was ready to go. But then I felt gas in my stomach along with a sharp pain. I was thinking about holding it in until I got home but then another sharp pain happened & I knew I couldn’t wait so I asked the nail tech if I could use her bathroom since he worked from home. She said yes & I ran in. As soon as I sat down my stomach started hurting more and my shit came out like ice cream. I felt uneasy in her bathroom since this wasn’t my home where I could shart in peace. Plus she had these white cotton designs in her restroom even her toilet so I was nervous about getting it dirty. I finished & grabbed toilet paper to wipe but as I was about to wipe my shit shot out. I don't know why my reflexes weren’t fast enough but I ended up having shit all over my hand. I sat there in shock & disgust when I realized what had happened. I knocked out of it when I remembered that this wasn’t my home and I couldn’t take my sweet time. I got up but failed realize that I swung my hand & pieces of poop got on the cotton designs on the toilet & floor. I got more nervous & began to feel dizzy. I wiped myself with my free hand asap because I felt the puke coming. I went straight to the sink afterwards & my dumbass touched the sink knobs so now they had shit on them. Shit got on the soap dispenser & on the edges of the sink too. I got so nervous and nauseous that I had to leave that house immediately. I even had the audacity to thank the nail tech for letting me use her bathroom. A week later I checked her Instagram and I was blocked. I love her work & really want to be a loyal client. Should I try to contact her and apologize, hoping she’ll accept me as a client or should I just look for a new nail tech?
How do I get my nail tech to do my nails again?
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