Are all attractive girls party-obsessed?

seems like all the hot girls anymore are into partying and everything. I'm not saying I wouldn't want to party every once in a while, but it really depends on the crowd and the environment. I'm a straight edge guy though and all I see are girls going out with obnoxious crazy guys that look forward to drinking or getting drunk every single weekend. I'm starting to wonder if being straight edged is just unattractive. on paper, its totally attractive, but how come in real life it seems entirely different?

i just want to find a really attractive girl that isn't like this for once. they don't seem to exist though. also I'm not experienced with girls so I feel pretty much screwed on the subject of finding a girl. because game and confidence is everything, and if you don't have it, girls won't even care to talk to you.


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  • I have been told I'm attractive. My opinion is that parties are great every now and then, but I like to spend time alone or with just one or two people most of the time. I don't like party guys. I think "goodie-two-shoes" guys are really attractive. Confidence is also needed, but that is just part of being human, we like people who are confident in themselves. If you aren't confident, you need to work on that. Confidence is important.

    You could be looking in the wrong places. Girls in a party scene are probably party girls. Girls in a church, studying in a library or working at a homeless shelter are probably not.

    • i tend to find church girls unattractive though. at least the really churchy type girl. they can be weird, not always, but they're generally not as physically attractive either. I hate that it seems to be this way, yet it just does for some reason.

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    • Well, good luck on your quest! I'm sure you will find what you are looking for :)

      A person once told me that if you want something in another person, you better have that trait or something that is just as good. How can you ask for something that you yourself cannot give?

      So if you want a beautiful girl who people find attractive, you should be a male that many people find attractive.

    • i definitely feel I'm reasonably attractive myself. but I definitely am not a ladies man or a player or whatever. they tend to attract a lot of female attention, but whether its the right kind of attention is questionable. but even though it doesn't seem many girls are attracted to me, or think I'm attractive, I don't exactly understand why because I do feel like I have a lot going for me.

      you girls can be awfully crazy hehe, difficult to understand at times ;)

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  • because game and confidence is everything, and if you don't have it, girls won't even care to talk to you

    hmm just like if a girl isn't attractive you don't want her

    Attractive girls aren't party-obsessed. They have other things in their life.

    Partying is fun, social, and relaxing. Why not?

    The guys might be obnoxious & crazy to you but may be annoying adorable and exciting to party-obsessed girls.

    • but if they're annoying as you say, then why are you dating them?

    • There's annoying that's irritating

      And annoying that's adorable

    • uh... OK lol

  • ahhhhh this is untrue! as I stay home on a Friday night...hahaha. you'll find someone though, they're just hiding :p possibly at home...on a Friday...hah...but yeah, I occasionally like to go out, but a lot of the time I don't. and don't get me wrong I was in a sorority in college but I was in a serious relationship and didn't go out every weekend either. I dunno, just depends on the girl.

    • thats actually mostly what I find myself doing on Friday night lol if I'm not working or something. but yeah its just frustrating because all my friends have had gfs and I've never had one, and it makes me feel bad! :/

    • i'm sorry, you're not the only one though. ever since I've been out of college a lot of my friends live all different places so yeah I don't go out every weekend old are you? and don't feel bad I mean, it takes time to find a decent person these days...don't settle for less just because your friends have girlfriends

    • yeah I def don't want to settle. a few of my friends go for girls I would never date anyways. I feel I have higher standards because I really want to be happy. not just have a girl for the sake of having a girl. I'm almost 21 by the way. I honestly rarely find a girl that id even want to ask out either. I don't know what my deal is.

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  • Its not that all the hot girls party, its that all the party girls are obsessed with their appearance and always try to look as good as possible. I know for a fact the most prettiest girl at my school doesn't party and doesn't really care what she looks like but ends up being gorgeous anyway

    • in my experience, even the prettiest good girls still have gone out with party obsessed guys, so its just another thing that doesn't work out for you ya know?

  • I can relate.

    • yeah see? there ain't even anything wrong with you either from the looks of it. you're not ugly, I'm not ugly. its just that guys like us don't have tats and piercings and screwed up habits for girls to romanticize and try to change.

      therefore, we aren't challenging. so dumb.

    • haha yea, you're preaching to the choir.

      I smoke weed, but that's it. I'm respectful to women, kind, witty, social, heck I even play xbox!

      girls in class will tell me that I'm cute or adorable, but that's it. nothing happens after that. pretty mildly depressing haha.

      and I always see attractive girls holding hands with guys that I consider to be completely obnoxious douchebags. the guys aren't even good looking. I don't get it.

    • yep... ugh man its how it goes though. lol

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