Are we friends or not?

my ex broke up with me after 3yrs. I did everything for him and his mom and step dad loved me like there own daughter. To be honest about a month before he broke up with me, we hadn't seen each other a lot but we were both busy with school and work. I didn't think anything of it. We never said anything about being mutual friends after but we still hung out every now and then cause we also have mutual friends. He still bought me a laptop like he promised but he got a girlfriend a month after he broke up with me. Then the other day he asked me if I wanted my old clothes back and I got mad. of course I don't want them its been a year or two?! I'm confused. Is he trying to be friends?


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  • It sounds like he's moved on. I don't think he should have a problem being friends with you. Returning your clothes could just be a sign that he was cleaning up and is being nice about returning your stuff to you. Why did it make you angry?

    • Probably because its been a year later and then out of the blue he keeps calling to try to give me my stuff back. He basically dumped me for some other girl even tho I was with him for 3yrs and did everything for him. Guess it just sucks. but ya your probably right.

    • I understand. It still hurts, of course. Poor baby.

  • i think ur ex is trying to find away to get over you so he wants you to have ur things back and after that he might be oky and you can be friends but the question is can you only be friends if that's all he wants?

    • Ya I think. he was just a really big part of my life. we never fought everything was perfect. I still like him and would go back with him if he asked me. I keep thinking maybe later on in life we'll get back together.

    • Im sure you will and you can be happy