What do these guys mean? And do I sound cute?

Okay, so at my school, these guys always mess with me, I guess it's either because they like me, or I get pissed. It's about 5 guys messing with me.

Do I sound cute or not? Cause this could be a reason...

Okay, tan skin (dad black, mom white), really dense and thick dark brown curly hair, (always in a ponytail), glasses, golden/brown eyes, 5'0, 120 lbs. Play soccer and track. Dad coaches football, so I love to watch it (Go Cowboys and Bears), and basically any other sport.

But I really want to know what those guys are doing!


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  • You should like get someone girlie who is in your life to give you like a makeover (makeup, contacts, hair, etc.) like the whole thing even wear like a sexy outfit to school that's obvii not showing a lot but gets a guys interest! and when you walk into that class just look at them and if you're interested give a kind of smirk or whatever and if you aren't interested just roll your eyes or whatever and see what they do, you don't have to stay like it but it wold be an interesting experiment and you could figure out if they really are interested in you! good luck girl!


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  • Put a picture up, if there are 5 of them they may be picking on you because they find you attractive. Put a picture up

  • you are one cute kitty


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