Neon streaks... Opinions?

My hair is light brown, a little over shoulder length, straight, layered and bangs parted to one side. I want some kind of neon streaks in it, just streaks. What color should I choose and what part of my hair should I do? Just opinions.. Thanks :]


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  • Neon streaks + brown hair = ugly.

    If you want neon steaks then dye your hair black, and get them wherever you want.

    Believe me, I've been dying my hair long enough and have seen enough pictures to know.

    Get whatever colour is your favorite.

    • I don't really want to dye all my hair, so that's why I asked what color I would be able to pull off.

    • I would say pink or blue would look best with brown hair. I wouldn't do neon though... a softer pink or blue would look better.

      You could go to like, Claire's or Hot Topic or something and get some extensions. Then you could see what colours work, if any.

  • I think that wouldn't look super good.


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