Thoughts on switching tattoo artist?

I had a mandala & an anchor done 2yr ago on my forearm & want to finish my half-sleeve. I scheduled an appointment w/ my tattoo artist (he’s done all four of my tattoos) 2mo in advance & he contacted the morning-of, claiming he woke up w/ a “fever” & couldn’t work until he cleared. I told him it was fine & I have a free schedule so I’d be able to come in whenever he got back to work & could fit me in. He was back to work the next day.

He hasn’t contacted me at all since July. I also saw him in the store one day w/ his girlfriend & he wasn’t very friendly. So I decided to schedule w/ a different artist from the same shop who’s new, but her work is GORGEOUS & exactly what I want.

I walked in before open to give her my deposit this morning & when he walked in the door, he walked by me & didn’t say a word to me.

I felt like crying when I left & like I need to apologize to him, almost like I betrayed him? He never mssg’d me back or reached out to me, & I feel like I should’ve been a priority over those he’s booking into November.
1. He controls his books.
If he’s overwhelmed, he could’ve suspended bookings UFN.
2. I feel as though I deserve someone more professional than to have just forgotten about me.
3. He suddenly got a fever on my appt day, was back to work the next day, & never rescheduled?
I don’t believe he had a fever. I feel as though this is a personal issue, but I don't know what it could be.

Do you think I’m in the wrong?
I feel awful now but I also feel conflicted.
Thoughts on switching tattoo artist?
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