What was your most recent wardrobe malfunction? Where were you and what did you do?

Ia caption for your ima
Ia caption for your ima
I was getting out of the pool when AN OOPS OCCURS My swim suit cover up ripped down the side while on the ladder. It was torn down the whole side leaving a side view of breast hips and ass. I was also topless underneath and wearing a bathing suit thong... Because the top got stuck on the ladder it was also pulled up so a good portion of back view ass cheeks were on display too.

I dont go putting myself in display for the neighbors or anyone to see me all nude. I was so embarrassed. every time I kept trying to tie the material together it kept ripping more. I was afraid I was going to be left outside in the nude I grab the sides and clung it to my body. Thankfully I didn't see anyone out and about but I kept wondering if anyone saw me through the windows.

I nearly ran inside. Almost ran tried to but my damn knee is still hurting from tripping over my sons bike handle in the dark. So I had to try to nonchalant quick walk to my house clinging to broken fabric.


Major oops.

I loved that damn top too now I need to find another.
1 y
I am really not doing any better today. 😏
I chose a different swimming cover only to fail to notice that The wretched thing becomes transparent in the water. So as I'm writing this I am trying to figure out how am I going to get across my yard when I am topless under this cover and wearing my bathing suit thong.🤔
I am silently cursing myself for not thinking this through.
I've been distracted by my latest MyTake. 🙄
What was your most recent wardrobe malfunction? Where were you and what did you do?
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