Is it unattractive to be "bigger"?

I'm 5'10 and thicker, not "fat", is it unattractive to most people?


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  • I certainly don't think so. My girlfriend is thicker too, and about the same height, and she's absolutely gorgeous. Her body has these lovely curves to them, and she carries her weight quite well. I've dated girls heavier too. Not all of them carried it as well, but it was never a dealbreaker for me.

    Still even though I feel my girlfriend has a great body, and her extra weight is quite well balanced out, I found out, she still had some minor self esteem issues with her weight. But recently about a month ago she went into a plus size store and checked out some clothes in her size.

    But while she was there, she saw this poster of some lingerie model who was up there, and this girl looked beautiful, but her body was a little like my girl's. (only a little thicker, and smaller breasts.) But what she saw in this poster was a woman who was bigger, up there on the wall, looking absolutely beautiful. She realized something. The girl in the poster was good looking, and she's bigger, and she's sexualized in this image too. It was a real self esteem boost for my girlfriend.

    So finally my girlfriend started seeing a little more of what I was saying this entire time. I mean I've been telling my girlfriend how beautiful and sexy she was, and she accepted my compliments, and she didn't argue with me, but the fact that she brought up this whole self esteem boost thing with the store tells me she didn't really, fully believe it for herself until then.

    But seriously though I think you should take a cue from this story. That not only is being a bigger girl okay, there's actually models out there who get make their living looking the way that they do. It's not unattractive. It's not bad. It's not a handicap. It's perfectly fine and acceptable, and you can look great without being a size 6.

    You're probably fine, and have nothing to worry about. Being bigger is not necessarily unattractive. You'll be OK.

    Good luck out there.

    • Absolutely right. Sometimes you need to get a hint from outside your loved ones' circle. It's like sometimes you think they're just throwing compliments at you but when it comes from outside you believe it. It happened to me but for the height issue. I'm short and used to have self esteem issues but guess what now I'm comfortable as hell. I don't even wear high heels XD

      Let me tell you smth, here in Egypt guys like curvy girls. Skinny girls have less fans. I like curvy girls too if they carry

    • their weight in a nice way. I mean if you're overweight + you excercise == vey very sexy!

      Have confidence in yourself girl! & listen to Toban, he's always right ;)

    • Hardly always, but thanks.

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  • Thicker is good, it's really up to the guy as to what he finds attractive. But I have always been thicker, and I have little trouble attracting attention. You just have to find the right guys. Someone who will love you no matter what. Some people are superficial, but that is only a portion. But being thick and not fat, its a good thing.

  • thick is fat.

    That thickness if fat.

    Now thick being overweight is a different thing.

    Are you overweight if not then you being thick isn't unattractive.

    • Emphasize the quotation marks,

    • So you're not overweight just have fat in areas.

      Thickness IS fat. It's thick because there's fat there.

      Plenty of guys into thick girls.

  • not at all. besides beauty is different to each person


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