Is it strange to see a curvy girl with a short skinny boy?

Is it?

When I say curvy girl I mean like Christina Hendricks with a boy who's just a little bit taller than her (let's say 5 centimeters - 2 inches?) and is skinny.





Something like Chris Robinson - only shorter : link (maybe even a little skinnier)

So, would they go well together, or not?

If yes, why, if no...why not...


Most Helpful Guy

  • Christina Hendricks is a fine woman.

    I think it may look odd? But if they are happy together, good for them.

    • So it would look odd wouldn't it?

    • Yeah it does. My little brother is dating a girl who is taller then him but they are happy together. If you really like someone you wouldn't care if you looked odd together.

    • True...completely agree with you there. =)

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What Guys Said 1

  • He is super lucky! If you look like that, you are SUPER sexy! If he doesn't want to be with you, holla at me lol, jk, but seriously I do not see him not wanting to be with you unless your personalty sucks.

    • No personality rocks! ^_~

      ...we're just getting to know each a group of friends...I think it may look a bit weird us together, but I think I might like him, and he's always sitting next to me, our knees touching, he's constantly (but in an 'I don't care but I'll sit next to you anyway and start a conversation' way) trying to start up looooong conversations. He might just like me yet.

      And I really do look like her...I also have the same hair - although a bit longer... xD

    • I'm dating a girl now that is taller than me. It is a little odd for me sometimes, because I like to sneak up behind my girl and kiss her on her neck...with this girl I just end up kissing her back xD

What Girls Said 1

  • i was seeing someone and we were like that.. but if you're happy that's all that counts.

    people will always find something to talk about, and physical appearances like this difference will always be judged.

    don't worry what others think.. yes, it may look weird, but who cares if you and him are happy!


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