What should I do? Go paintballing?

My Boyfriend wants me to go paintballing with him, but I don't like to paintball. Shoud I sugest something where I'm less likly to get hurt, like lazer tag (im kinda a clutz). Or Should I suck it up and go?


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  • It depends. Has he done something for you that he doesn't really like? If so, then I think that you should go because he did such and such for you. Relationships are a two way street, you can't always do exactly what you want and you need to respect the other person's wishes too.


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  • Discuss your concerns about getting hurt. Then suggest lazer tag. If he still wants you to go, then pick an activity (chick thing) that you want him to go to and make a fair exchange. Paintball for a cooking class. You do have to compromise. If he won't agree or is inconsiderate, then dump him he will always be the same. Guys only do what they want to do and you should only do what you want to do. It's the in between that creates and maintains the relationship.

  • I say suck it p and go. It doesn't hurt as bad as you'd think. Wear layers of baggy and loose clothes. Its' ALOT of fun. I promise you'll be glad you did

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